We Need a New Direction

I've written about my exasperation previously in regards to the general belief among most patients that there is a magical pill that will cure their complaint, immediately, with no side effects, and that will be 100% paid for by their insurance (see: A Pill for Everything). 

Then, I come across this. 

From Nutrient Power, by Dr. William Walsh

"Psychiatry has made great advances in the past 50 years but needs a new direction. Today's emphasis on prescription psychiatric medications will not stand the test of time [as] benefits usually are partial in nature and involve unpleasant side effects. Medication therapy is more art than science and it involves a considerable amount of trial and error. A fundamental limitation is that psychiatric drugs are foreign molecules that result in an abnormal condition rather than producing normalcy. It is unlikely that psychiatric drugs will ever be universally effective or free of adverse side effects. A new approach is needed."


We can do better. I can do better. How do I begin?