Happy Turkey Day

Hi friends,

I’ve been absent from this space for a bit. I am still writing, just not for you. For my PhD program. Blerg.

With Thanksgiving coming up next week, I wanted to pop in and give a few brief reminders about FOOD.


Good nutrition is HARD. Don’t beat yourself up. If you slip up on something, it doesn’t mean the whole day is wasted. Don’t fool yourself into thinking, “Since I ate XXX, I might as well eat ZZZ.” Limit as best you can any bread products, added sugars (they are EVERYWHERE), and processed foods. Drink all the water. Eat fresh when you can. And then after your Thanksgiving meal, take a stroll with your people around the block.

I hope you have the best Thanksgiving day. Gratitude is a HUGE part of mental wellness. I hope the focus of your day is on your relationships with the people that you love, and not solely on what you put in your face.

If you’d like to read more about nutrition in mental health, you can find more on this previous post.