Drinking the Kool-Aid: Church + Mental Wellness

I leave my church every week feeling like I’ve just had the most kick-butt therapy session of my life.

I leave with a borderline-delusional sense of refreshment and renewal and conviction.

Being involved in a healthy church serves many purposes, and boosts my mental wellness.

Getting into the swarms of people pushes my introverted little self out of a comfort zone. Interacting with other people combats isolation.

Listening to the words of a sermon that probe not so much that I become defensive, but just enough so that I become reflective prompts life-change that helps me to make better decisions.

Being reminded of a God who loves me despite my screw-ups and my selfishness and my perceived deficiencies boosts my self-worth and self-value.

Having opportunities to serve and give in ways that make me think of myself less and others more is actually a good distraction from my issues. I even appreciate my issues sometimes because there is always, always someone who has it worse.

And to top it all off, there’s free coffee and fantastic music and knowing that my kids are getting all these same benefits in their own separate classes.

You’re not alone. 
Somebody loves you.
You are going to be ok.

These are not just cliches. These are facts that I get to drill down on weekly.

You might think all religion/spirituality has some fluff, or some condemnation, or some forced surrender. But it doesn’t have to. If these are the only results you’re getting from your spiritual practices, you’re doing it wrong.

Owning a faith-belief helps me understand my purpose for why I’m here, and where I’ll go after here. 

Does any of this stuff sound like something that might benefit your mental health? Can anyone relate to this?

If you’ve ‘tried everything else’ to make yourself happy, maybe try church.