Side effects may include Depression

There’s a pill for every ill, right? So, it’s pretty likely that a prescription medication you are on for a medical reason is worsening your mood and perhaps increasing your depression.

Sometimes certain prescription medications are non-negotiable, and going off them will mean rapid decline.

However, there are also times when a doctor might offer you a pill for an illness/issue that can be corrected in other ways (including everyone’s favorite: lifestyle changes. Yay!)

If you’re suffering from depressive symptoms, check your kitchen cabinet or your bathroom vanity for the following:

•Birth control pills

•Blood pressure medication (i.e. beta-blockers)

•Cholesterol meds (i.e. statins)

•Steroids (these are the worst)

•Pain pills (especially opioids or triptans)

•Anxiety or ‘nerve’ pills (especially benzos)

•Antibiotics (especially Isoniazid)


•Immunosuppressants (like methotrexate, or)

•Diuretics or ‘water pills’

•Reflux medications (i.e. Nexium)

•Hormone placements (i.e. Premarin)

•Accutane for acne

•Interferons for viral infections

If you have depression and stumble across any of these medications in your daily regimen DO NOT STOP them without talking to your doctor first. But please do have this conversation: There may be a better alternative to addressing a medical problem that won't take such a toll on yourmental wellness at the same time.