I don't have all the Information here

This is my newest anthem: “I don’t have all the information here.”

Telling myself this is super-helpful in SO many situations.

When I’m feeling anxious.
When I’m feeling critical.
When I’m feeling judgy or judged.
When I’m asking myself “what if …. ?”
When I’m feeling scared.
When I’m playing the comparison game.

Why do we assume the worst of people and of situations? (hello catastrophizing! ) Has it always been like this? Does it come from a place of fear or some unresolved, unrecognized issue in our own lives? How do we get it to stop?

I think this is one way: “I don’t have all the information here.” I can’t know it all. It’s just not possible to understand all the facets of a situation, and what is inside someone’s else’s head, and all the influencing factors, and the other forces at play. Life has layers. It’s complicated sometimes. “I don’t have all the information here” keeps me curious. This statement kicks off a fact-finding mission because surely there’s an explanation other than the one I’m piecing together, a conclusion other than the one I’m jumping to (insert Office Space reference). “I don’t have all the information here” may even lead to a conversation with a person, and ultimately, empathy and connection.

I know that an uninformed preconceived notion (read ‘my own dang ignorance’) only serves to harden my heart. I don’t want to be a hard-heart. I want to be a better thinker and feeler. I want to be selfless and open. This is one way I’m trying to get there : “I don’t have all the information here.”

Maybe you could try this today too?


The Lies I Believe

These are the lies that I tell myself.
That I’m a poor communicator and slow-witted since I prefer to think first and speak later.
That I’m ineffectual at my job because I don’t have two specific letters after my name. That I have no business telling people what they need to do to be happy, because I’m still trying to figure it out for myself. 
That I’m an inferior leader. That I’m average and ordinary, inadequate and never enough. Ordinary people rarely are impactful.
That being so tall makes me less feminine.
That I’m not a nurturing, fully-engaged mother because I like my job and I want a career.
That since my hair is getting thin and my eyelids are getting crinkly, one day my husband will become bored with me.
That my social anxiety is an acceptable excuse to avoid the people that I need to reach out to.
That since I have nothing original to say, I shouldn’t bother writing anything at all.
That everyone has to like me.
These are LIES. Real lies. These lies are truly offensive to a Creator who made me in a very specific way, with a very specific skill set, and whatever my deficiencies are His grace is all I need. 🌱
This is the truth that God speaks over me.
I am worthy.
I am loved.
I am enough.
I am His.
It really is this simple.
So when the lies come, this is what I will hold onto.