So Long, 2016.

Maybe you’re saying “suck-it” to 2016 because it was a terrible year.

Maybe you’re looking back fondly at some good things that happened in your life.

It’s ok to do both.

Either way, it’s time to plan for 2017. Here are some things I’d like to work on for myself:

~ Reduce my CHECK-LIST mentality {I do see the irony here. This is a NY resolution LIST.}

~ Let it be MESSY {This is ok sometimes.}

~ STOP wishing away my deficiencies {I am equipped with everything I need.}

~ Work on RELATIONSHIPS {I have to stop allowing my introversion to be an excuse to stop engaging with people.} GIVE and LOVE better. 

~ More FAITH. Less anxiety.

~ This whole exercise thing {Sigh. Let’s do a little better here, champ.}

~ Pay ATTENTION {That whole cliche of beauty in the everyday mundane? Truth.}

~ WRITE {This past year, I started the blog. Now it’s time to tackle that book proposal.}

What are some of your resolutions this year? Let’s keep them attainable, guys.