Supplements: Where to Begin

Upfront fact: I am a HUGE fan of nutrient therapy. I’m actually a little nutty about it. I have 3 shelves in our kitchen devoted to storing them.

Another upfront fact: It’s important to know the difference between the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) and the Tolerable Upper Limit (TUL). You can read more about these here and here. As you can see, there is a large gap between the minimum you should take in so you can KEEP LIVING and the maximum you can take in before you STOP LIVING.

Where to purchase: it’s up to you. However, I would advise you to follow the wise guidance of Heather Lounsbury when it comes to CHECKING THE LABEL. Don’t assume that when you pay $4 for a 1000-tab tub of multivitamins at Sam’s Club that you are getting QUALITY. Check the label for the presence of any of the dreaded fillers. Fillers = junk. A superb reference can be found in Ms. Lounsbury’s Fix Your Mood with Food, page 136.

A Good Start:

Daily Multivitamin (with iron is a bonus)

Fish oil 1000mg twice a day

Vitamin D 2000 units daily

Probiotics 16-20 billion cell cap daily

Magnesium 400mg daily

B-Complex daily


An anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory twice a day - Green tea, Turmeric, Cinnamon and Ginger root are amazing. Throw in some red wine and dark chocolate if you want to get crazy.

Gluthianone (the uber-antioxidant) cannot be consumed in an effective supplemental form, BUT Dr. Mark Hyman gives an extensive list of how to increase your body’s natural production of this here.)

Now you’re off to a good start with the basics!

DISCLAIMER: Thanks for reading the above, but whoever you are: unless you are living in my household (which I think I would have noticed), it’s very unlikely that I have any idea what sort of medical history, medication regimen, allergies, and any other health intricacies you carry. Therefore, you should NOT interpret the above as medical advice for yourself, and instead present this information to your personal clinician for consideration.

Another DISCLAIMER: Obviously, the best way to get the best nutrition is through FOOD, not supplements. But for those of us who are still getting the hang of this work-life balance thing, supplements are a way to stay sane when you don’t have time & dinero for meal-planning & organics. Don’t beat yourself up.