Some Big Questions

A little while back, I asked on my personal FB page for some writing ideas. I got a lot of good responses.

How can I cope with my family member who has a mental illness?

How do I turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts?

How can I make my family understand what I’m going through?

How do I learn how to forgive a person who wronged me?

How can I forgive myself?


These are big, big questions.

These are not things that can be fixed by reading a few paragraphs that I write.

Deep-seeded issues require long-term therapy.


I cannot stress enough the value of a relationship with a good therapist.


Through the hard work of therapy, your brain can be re-wired, your perspective can change, you can learn new ways of coping and you can find some happiness.


Yes, this can be expensive. Do it anyway.

No, insurance does not always cover this. Pay for it anyway.

You’re busy with kids and marriages and school and busyness. Make time anyway.

Your family or friends or co-workers might perceive you to be ‘weak’ if they find out. Schedule that appointment anyway.

You probably won’t see results until after several sessions. Keep going anyway.

It will probably be uncomfortable because self-examination tends to be that way. Keep going anyway.


Investing time and money in your brain and your mental health is the best investment you will ever make.


Think about how much you would be willing to sacrifice for happiness.