Being All Mindful and Stuff

I spent New Year's weekend reading Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist (Wowza. Her BEST work yet) in an effort to work on my New Year's Resolution Numero Uno. My most favorite quote:

Hustle is the opposite of heart.

Let that simmer.

When you’re rushing/frantic/distracted, how much room is there really for feeling/awareness/perception? Hustle is the opposite of heart.

To me this book and its message screams of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a simple therapeutic technique whereby you quiet yourself, calm yourself, and focus on nothing but the present, the current, the right-in-front-of-you.

So over New Year's, we spent time with family in Indiana, and I read this book and I tried to practice mindfulness while quashing my eternal habit of mental list-making.

Because there are things that I don’t want to forget.

Like 1900s houses with odd layouts and secret passages and walls of windows.

Frosty root beer floats.

Barges under bridges.

Monopoly and Taboo and Twister and something called Catan.

Antique-store shopping for crystal necklaces and lavender soap.

The milky Ohio river with wind-tossed whitecaps.

Maple syrup on quinoa.

National Treasure. The first one.

Watching my son carve a spear from driftwood.


So, be present. Be mindful. Be positive. NOTICE THINGS. Soak it in, as they say.

Mindfulness leads to gratefulness which leads to happiness.