Give me 12 months

This is getting back to the whole magic-pill, quick-fix thing. It’s really unfair to yourself and unrealistic for your expectations to be that you meet 2 or 3 times with a mental health provider and feel back to 100%. Often, mental health symptoms exist for YEARS before you and I ever meet.

Healing takes time.

Renewal takes time.

Re-mapping your entire thought process takes time.

Give me 12 months. I need time to learn about you and get a feeling for your personality and understand your heart and figure out how you got here.

If your oncologist told you it would take six to nine months to achieve remission from your leukemia, would you think twice? Would you be upset? Would you grow frustrated with your treatment plan?

 Why on earth should you be expected to recover quickly from a broken brain, from a broken spirit, from a broken past?

Yesterday, I had a patient tell me, “I met with a therapist once and didn’t really get much from it so I stopped going.”

Really? One visit? Sure, there is something to be said about finding someone that you click with. But give your provider a chance. The 3rd or 4th visit is when the real work begins.

Do meds help? They can.

Are they without side effects? Nope.

Are they affordable? Eh.

Depression can’t be cured in a single conversation or a few weeks of Zoloft.

Anxiety can’t be remedied in a single session or a handful of Xanax.

Give me 12 months. Give me some time so I can try to give you back your life.