Dear 16-year-old Me

Dear 16-year-old Amanda: Life will not be like how you imagined it. And it will be ok.

You will stay an introvert, but it will not be the curse in college that it is in high school.

You will hit the JACKPOT with your husband. Truly. You will be the pastor's wife you thought you never wanted to be.

There will be adulting days when all you consume in 14 hours is a rice crispie treat and half-caf coffee. Or you binge-watch sitcoms for 6 hours on a weeknight. Or you splurge on stockpiling socks because you are too lazy to do laundry more often. You shouldn’t feel bad about these things, because you will be driven, and sound, and mostly balanced-ish.

Your children will DRIVE YOU MAD and not be who you want them to be and this will be ok and you will still want/love them. There will be times when said children will go 3 days without a bath or change in underwear and THEY WILL STILL LIVE and you will still be a good mom.

You will constantly second-guess yourself and replay regrets and feel inadequate. These habits will take some time to unlearn.

You will be glad for your long legs because your height will give you confidence and help to stretch out the fat.

You will find yourself in a career where people ask you to help them understand how to be happy. You will not always be successful in teaching them that happiness cannot come from a pill, but only from life-change, and faith, and community. You will take this failure as a burden on yourself.

You will dance in your kitchen, and in public. You will be one heck of a dancer once you stop caring about what everyone thinks about you.

Life will not be like how you imagined it. And it will be not just ok, but even better