It's Not All in Your Head

What if all the meds you dump down your throat were wasted because your body can’t absorb them?

What if your body and DNA are working AGAINST you and all those pretty pills your doctor promised would make you happy?

I’m talking about the MTHFR mutation. MTHFR is short for something much longer that’s hard to pronounce.

Someone with this genetic mutation can’t break down folic acid adequately.

No folic acid = no serotonin.

No serotonin = no happiness (if you believe in the whole chemical imbalance thing)

In my practice, I’d estimate (very scientifically of course) that 60-70% people I test end up positive for some variation of the mutation.

Do you think the medication you take to boost serotonin is going to be effective if you don’t have the main ingredient to make serotonin in the first place? Your Zoloft might be worthless not because it’s a crap medication, but because it doesn’t have an adequate supply of serotonin to work with and work on.


You like bread.

You decide to bake some because you are the Pioneer Woman.

You mix in all your ingredients except for yeast.

When your bread comes out of the oven, it tastes and looks like a brick.

So you decide to just add a little more sugar on the top.

You’re appalled when your bread continues to taste horribly.

You are not happy.

No matter how much sugar you add to the top, your bread will never be yummy if you don’t start with the basic ingredients.

This genetic mutation affects more than just your mental health. It could be the cause of your infertility, your heart disease, and some birth defects.

I’ve been tested for the mutation. I have it.

It’s a relatively easy fix with a SUPPLEMENT.

Imagine that :)